Ladies Leagues start Wednesday May 3

We will be starting the 2017 season on Wednesday, May 3!
Commercial League teams can find their tee time schedule on our website (updated weekly).
A list of the Social League tee times is also on our website.
We look forward to seeing all of you this Wednesday!
#dunesgolfclub #ladiesleague

Ladies’ Leagues – Shotgun Start Sept 7 at 5:30 pm

Ladies’ Commercial League
Time: 5:30 pm

Hole Assignments
Hole 10A Aquatera
Hole 10B Shoppers Drugmart
Hole 11A Auto Trac
Hole 11B Sportswear Plus
Hole 12A Canad
Hole 12B Smoke & Plumbing
Hole 13A City Furniture
Hole 13B Strickland Contracting
Hole 14A Crawford
Hole 14B Sunlife Financial
Hole 15A Lavender Homes
Hole 15B GeoCon
Hole 16A ManHandlers
Hole 16B Styles & Smilies
Hole 17A Northstar
Hole 17B Therma Zone
Hole 18A Tuk A Toy
Hole 18B Piano Candace

Ladies’ Social League
Time: 5:30 pm

Hole Assignments
Hole 1A Miriam Bowes
Hole 1B Collen Rose
Hole 2A Sharon Peterson
Hole 2B Cheryl Olson
Hole 3A Velda Diedrich
Hole 3B
Hole 4A Kendra Stewart
Hole 4B Kim Tissington
Hole 5A Trina Irons
Hole 5B Sandra Bauer
Hole 6A Liza Richer
Hole 6B Yvonne Wolfe
Hole 7A Trudy Buelow
Hole 7B Kristine Shipway
Hole 8A Paula McGregor
Hole 8B Karli Hauger
Hole 9A Emily Isley
Hole 9B Ashley Tenney