Course Overview and Yardages

Winding its way through an evergreen forest and open, rolling sand dunes, The Dunes Golf & Winter Club is a mature golf course designed to test your accuracy, distance and overall skill.

Multiple tee boxes mean golfers of any calibre can play our course. While the 122-yard Hole #3 is a favourite with the members of our Hole-in-One Club, we’ve also seen single shots sunk on Holes 8, 12, and 15.

Though they may be reluctant to admit it, many a golfer has sent a ball to a watery grave after being enticed by an “easy” shot on the well-protected green of the aptly named, Number 13,  or been distracted by the panoramic view from the tee on #15.

Whether you golf from the gold, blue, white or red tee boxes, and whether you have time for the full 18 holes or just a quick nine, you’ll find The Dunes Golf & Winter Club inspirational, challenging, and memorable.

So, what are you waiting for? The Dunes beckons. 

A good opening tee shot will leave the longer hitters with the decision of whether to hit into a well- guarded green in two, or to play more conservatively. With bunkers on both sides, accuracy is key. This Par 5 has been known to give up a couple of birdies, but with out-of-bounds on the left, and trees on the right, it has its fair share of victims.

A tight Par 4 with out-of-bounds on the left. Don’t let the distance fool you…be sure to give this one your full attention.

A short and challenging Par 3, and a favourite among members and guests. Be sure to leave your ball on the proper tier if you want a chance at birdie.

Play conservative off the tee. With a long, golf ball-loving water trap on the left, this is a must-hit fairway. The green, with a generous slope from back to front, will be sure to test that new putter.

A long Par 4 that usually plays into the wind. You’ll need two well-executed shots before you can even consider taking a run at birdie.

A difficult tee shot on this long Par 4 (Par 5 for the ladies). Even a good drive will leave you with a long iron into this challenging hole. Be happy with a par.

A driver is not the one to play on this short, but demanding hole. Trees guard both the right and left sides of this Par 4. Watch out for the water just right of the fairway, that begins just 260 yards from the back tees.

This Par 3 is anything but easy. It’s a well-guarded green with several bunkers. Be sure to select the proper club as there is frustrating treed out-of-bounds just past the green.

Longer hitters will want to hug the trees on the left side if you decide to use a driver. A well-hit fairway wood will leave you with a short iron to the green.

If you choose a driver, be careful of hitting through the left side of the fairway into trouble. Watch for the water just over the trees on the right. A well-placed drive will have you thinking “birdie.”

The longest hole on the course, this challenging Par 5 starts with a demanding tee shot. Out-of-bounds on the left side will command your attention en route to the tee.

A tough Par 3 that stretches more than 200 yards from the back tees. Trees left, water short, and bunkers long will have you aiming for the middle of the green. Par is a great score.

Don’t let the yardage fool you. This short Par 5 can only be reached in two after a very accurate tee shot. With trees lining both sides of the fairway, and with water short of the green, this hole is plenty tough…take your par and move on.

Be careful of the out-of-bounds to the right of this hole. Your tee shot must be long and straight to avoid the trees off the tee box.

The signature hole at the Dunes, this elevated Par 3 will be sure to test your distance control, especially as the wind tends to swirl among the trees. A scenic view across the river valley is the start of a great stretch of finishing holes at the Dunes.

The out-of-bounds on the left will be sure to have you nervous, as the prevailing winds like to help your ball move towards the fence line. A good drive that avoids the well-placed fairway bunkers may just have you thinking about a late birdie.

Be sure to avoid the pond that covers the right side of this hole. This well-placed water hazard will make a right pin placement very difficult. On your approach, aim for the middle of the green.

This is a great finishing tee shot that is over water from the back tees. A left-to-right tee shot will leave long hitters with a wedge in their hands. A sharp drop to the left side of this green will test the short game of anyone who challenges the left pin placements. A great view of the clubhouse will have you thinking about an icy beverage.

The Dunes Golf & Winter Club