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Established in 2017, The Dunes Golf & Winter Club and the Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club ladies participate in an annual Interclub Challenge event. Both clubs play a set of three matches between June and September. The first event features a group of 2 from each side competing in a modified team scramble. Teams receive one point for every hole won in this first round. The second round also features teams of two playing head to head in better ball. The final round pairs a player from each team playing singles match play. After all three events, the team with the most points is the season champion and will proudly display the Interclub Challenge trophy in their clubhouse until the end of the next season’s matches.

Playing Formats

2-Player Texas Scramble

  • Each golfer on the team hits a drive from the forward tees.
  • Six drives from each player must be used.
  • The results of the drives are compared. Which one is best? That ball is selected and marked, and the other golfer on the team pick up their golf balls and move them to that location.
  • The second strokes are played, and the process repeats: Select the best ball, move the other balls to that spot and play the third strokes.
  • And so on, until the ball is holed for one team score. The team must hole out – no gimmies.
  • When moving golf balls to the spot of the selected shot, the other golfers on the team can play from within one-club length of the original spot. But that one-club length cannot be closer to the hole, and it can’t improve the lie of the original ball. That is, if the selected drive is in the first cut of rough, then the other members of the team cannot hit from the fairway even if the fairway is within one club-length.
  • Likewise, you can’t move a ball onto the putting green when the selected ball is in the fringe.
  • To speed up play (if your partner’s ball is in play), do not spend a lot of time looking for lost balls – 2 minutes max.
  • All local and RCGA ‘stroke play’ rules are to govern play, with the exception of the above instructions.

Handicaps in Scramble Tournaments
There are no official rules about how to employ handicaps in a scramble tournament; no handicapping body (USGA, RCGA) provides any “rules.”

For this event we will be using the following formula to calculate a handicap for each pairing. The course handicap of each player will be added together and then that number divided by the number of players times 2.

Format for strokes given between teams:
Strokes given to either team is determined by subtracting the low from the high. The team with the higher combined handicap will receive strokes on the number of holes determined by the difference.

Points are awarded by holes won during the round. Each hole won equals 1 point toward the year end total

2-Player Match Play Better Ball

Better Ball is a name for a golf competition format in which two golfers play as a team, but each playing his or her own ball throughout. On each hole, the two golfers on a team compare scores. The lower of the two scores – the better ball – counts as the team’s score.

  • Each golfer on the team will play from the Red tees.
  • All local and RCGA ‘match play’ rules are to govern play, with the exception of the above instructions.

The Course Handicap of all four players is reduced by the Course Handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch. Each of the three other players is allowed 100 percent of the difference.

Marking Your Scorecard
All teams will be provided with a scorecard with the handicaps already calculated and strokes marked. Please keep track of your playing opponents scores on the additional card provided so that you can compare them at the end of your round.

Points are awarded by holes won during the round. Each hole won equals 1 point toward the year end total

2-Player Singles Match Play

All local and RCGA ‘match play’ rules are to govern play.

Provision Ball: If you hit a shot that may be out-of-bounds or not be found, please play a provisional ball from the place you hit your original shot. This will help maintain a good pace of play. Put an identifying mark on it in order to distinguish it from your original ball just in case both the original and provisional balls are found in the same area.

Points are awarded by matches won, tied or lost. Each match will result in the following points being given.

Are you interested in playing?

If you are interested in participating in the Interclub Challenge please email

2020 Event Cancelled

Due to COVID-19, both clubs have decided to cancel the 2020 matches and resume in 2021.