2019 Ladies’ Night



This is our final night of Ladies’ Night. Hard to believe the season has come to a close.

Power Carts will be provided for free to all teams tonight. If you are not going to golf tonight please call the Pro Shop today to let them know.

Please RSVP tonight for next weeks Wind-Up Banquet. We will have a sheet at registration tonight for you to confirm how many of your team members will be attending on Sept 18.

#2 Long Drive
#3 Par
#4 Lost Ball

#11 Long Drive
#12 Par
#15 Ball in Sand

#3 Charllott Kayton
#5 Courtney Moode
#12 Hilda Fisher
#16 Sue Sears

#1A Nicole Shepherd
#1B Trudy Buelow

#2A Kristina Shipway
#2B Liza Richer

#3A Shelly Smith
#3B Trina Irons

#4A Sandra Bauer
#4B Kendra Stewart

#5A Kim Tissington
#5B Velda McKenzie-Diederich

#6A Rhonda Danderfer
#6B Joyce Cormack

#7A Colleen Rose
#7B Jen Cassidy

#8A Hilda Fischer
#8B Sharon Peterson

#9A Paula McGregor
#9B Sheri Ann Madu

#10A Katrina Longmate
#10B Candis Chateauneuf

#11A Sharon Yurkoski
#11B Brenda Pickard

#12A Amar Sandhu

#13A Marg Martel
#13B Ashley Burston

#14A Kristi Tissington
#14B Deb Haglund

#15A Tara Smoke

#16A Brenda Gomes
#16B Lindsay Tylosky

#17A Joanne Aiken
#17B Lesley Vandemark

#18A Darlene Madoche
#18B Pat Zuidwyk

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We are pleased to welcome everyone to The Dunes 2019 Ladies’ Night. We have made some adjustments to our format and have moved to an all-encompassing Ladies’ Night.

Tee times will be from 4:32 pm to 7:04 pm. The Dunes reserves the right to adjust tee times to effectively fill the tee sheet.

A Welcome Back Banquet will take place Wednesday April 24, 2019 at 6:00 pm (cocktails) and 6:30 pm (dinner). Call The Dunes to register your team by April 17, 2019 if you plan on attending.

League fees are $55 per golfer or $220 per team. Each additional golfer is $55. Weekly green fees (for non-members) apply.

2019 Ladies’ Night Team Registration Form
2019 Ladies’ Night Team Golf Pass Order Form

For more information or to get involved contact:
P 780.538.4333
E golf@thedunes.ca

Playing Format: Mystery Ringer Hole

  • Each week golfers will play Stroke Play (each player plays their own ball and keeps their score on the team scorecard for the 9-hole round).
  • There will be 18 weeks of Mystery Ringer Holes to make up your teams total 18-hole scorecard for the season.
  • There are two extra weeks of golf in the season in case of rainouts. If more than two weeks are needed to complete the final scorecards, the remaining holes will be taken from the Sept 4 and 11 dates as required.
  • Golfers will follow the Rules of Golf as outlined by Golf Canada. Play fair and have fun.
  • Each team must keep a scorecard that will be handed into the Pro Shop after finishing their round. The scorecard has to be signed by one of the team members after the scores are added and deemed correct.
  • Each week there will be a Mystery Ringer Hole on the front and back nines. The best score from all four players will be used as your Mystery Ringer Hole score for each week.
  • Teams will also be scored based on attendance. For each player missing from your foursome you will be penalized 1 stroke. This will be added to your Mystery Ringer Hole score (Eg. Your best score on hole 7 is a 3. You are missing one player from your team so your Mystery Ringer Hole score will then be a 4). This is to encourage all teams to have four players each week. If a team is missing all four players on any Ladies’ Night, that team will be assessed a score of 10 for their Mystery Ringer Hole.
  • If a player on your team is having a bad hole (we all do at times) they can choose to “X” out for that hole. This is to help with speed of play. For players who enter their scores for handicap purposes and chose to “X” out a hole they can still enter their 9-hole scores to Golf Canada by replacing the “X” out with their equitable score based on their handicap. Please refer to the Golf Canada Handicap Rules for more details. These are available in the Ladies’ Locker room for your reference. If there is an “X” on your team card only remaining players scores will be considered for your Mystery Ringer Hole score for that hole.

Hole Proxies
Each week there will be a minimum of two proxies on both the front and back nine (longest drive, longest putt, in the trees, etc). Prizes will be given out for each of these weekly.

Does your team need a sub? The following ladies’ are available. Please contact them directly.

Paula Quiroga

Green Fee Passes
Green fee passes are available to Ladies’ Night participants. In order to qualify for the 20% discount on green fee passes, your team must purchase all of your passes together. Please send in your Team Pass order form by email, or fax by April 5. Passes can be picked up and paid for on April 24 at the Welcome Back Evening. The Dunes will only accept one payment per team.

2019 Ladies’ Night Team Golf Pass Order Form

  • Welcome Back Banquet: Wednesday, April 24, 2019 – 6:00 pm cocktails and 6:30 dinner
  • Start date: Wednesday May 1, 2019 (Subject to golf course opening).
  • Shot Gun Starts: September 11 at 5:30 pm
  • End date: Wednesday September 11, 2019 (Shot Gun Start)
  • Wind-up Banquet: Wednesday September 18, 2019 at 6:00 pm (Please RSVP on Sept 11)